Common Problems in Printing Tarot Card and Oracle Card

Now many customers have doubts about the color difference, dirty spots, ink spot and other problems in the printing process of tarot cards and oracle cards, and do not understand why such problems occur! After reading this article, you will understand how these problems arise and have a certain understanding of the solutions. This helps you communicate with your business amicably and quickly solve the corresponding problems.

If you are printing tarot cards for online sales for the first time, you can visit (ACELION Tarot Cards Printing Solutions for Start-ups), which has a detailed Printing process. If you want to make your own tarot card, you can visit (How to Make Your own Tarot ACELION Give You Advice). I would like to remind you again that there are 78 traditional tarot cards and the printing size is 70 x120mm. The oracle card is 40 pieces, and 88x126mm is the most widely used, using 300g and 350g double copper paper. This kind of paper can be recycled and reused except for the moderate price, which conforms to the current environmental protection concept.

Printing Inspecting

Printing Inspecting

Precautions for Printing
The following will explain why tarot cards and oracle cards may suffer from color aberration, dirty spots, ink droppings, shuffling and sticking during printing, and how to avoid them.

The color difference
If most of the design document is brown or blue, or the image is more complex, it is easy to appear color difference. At this time, we need to communicate with the customer to see if the customer’s design document can be adjusted, or the design document can be changed to spot color, so as to avoid color difference.

Dirty point
Usually dirty spot problem is due to paper residue, ink, temperature difference. Because the temperature in the printing room is too dry, small debris will fall off during the printing process and form dirty spots. If there is such a problem, we will stop the machine and clean it to solve the problem.

The ink shit
This is the ink for a long time after the appearance of dust, in the printing process will appear the so-called ink excrement. But we will often spot check, once the existing problem will stop to wash the tape, so as to solve the problem of ink excrement.

Drag to spend
This problem usually occurs when printing on both sides. For example, in the printing process, we print the first side first and then the second side. After the first printing, if the pattern is dark, it will dry slowly, so it is easy to drag when rotating on the belt. The dark pattern can be printed after it has been dried, but if the belt is the problem, the belt should be adjusted or replaced with a new one.

Sticky flower
This problem is usually because the color is too dark. At this time, as long as the printer turns the spray powder up, the problem can be solved. There is also a small problem that the paper will stick when it is too curved.

Finally, in the printing industry, there are no 100% good products. Finding high-quality suppliers is your best guarantee, because they will solve these printing problems to the greatest extent.