Gift Playing Card Custom Should Have Three Elements

Traditional paper playing card is something you might play with family, friends, etc. in your daily life. But for some special purpose playing cards customization, you may not understand. According to its purpose, the poker market can now be divided into the following categories.


Paper playing cards, the most in the market, mostly used for daily and recreational use between colleagues and friends; Advertising playing cards, which are suitable for corporate branding, are printed directly on the cards to promote the company’s information. Magic and cardistry playing cards, this is specially used for performing magic and a variety of cardistry card technology display; Exclusive customized gift playing cards, this card a lot of people customized, is generally when the boutique to others; Casino playing cards, specially customized for the use of the club card class, the use of black paper design light proof; Plastic waterproof playing cards are good for beaches and bars.


Today we are going to introduce one of the gift playing cards. About gift custom playing cards we want to talk about it is the PVC frosting finish, as the name implies, is in the PVC material based on the frosting finish, such a process from the visual to give a person a hazy sense; There is a rough feeling in the hand. But through this finish produced by the cards, and give a person the feeling of high-end, atmosphere, grade, so it is very suitable for gift cards customized.


gift playing card frosting surface finish


But from our factory in the past to provide customers with customized gift poker experience, for gift playing cards customization to have three elements:

1, material and finish: PVC, PVC is a plastic material, its characteristics are waterproof, tear resistance, good stiffness, the most suitable for use with the frosting process, the combination of the two kinds of material process can highlight the class. In addition, we can also on the PVC bronzing process.

2. personalized: we can give different theme (color or pattern) to each deck of cards;

3, packing: gift box or tin box, a special packaging can be called a gift.


Therefore, PVC frosting finish is only the beginning of the application of gift playing card customization, only the perfect combination of the three can reflect the essence of gift playing card customized.


In addition to the above surface finish, we also provide a number of different surface finish options. If you want to customize more high quality gift playing cards, but the above three can not meet your needs, please contact us, we will recommend more beautiful high-end craft for you.