PVC Material:Smooth,Matte and Frosted Introduction

PVC material is generally the production of custom plastic playing cards card and game card. Because plastic materials make playing cards with waterproof, wear-resistant practical functions. They are mostly used in beach and bars places, etc. And customized special PVC plastic card, also has the lightproof.

Nowadays, there are more and more surface finishing for adding PVC materials, so customers often ask us what is a smooth surface of PVC, what is a matte surface, and what is a frosted surface! Let me explain to you what these three surface finishing are.

wjpc-black-playing-cards (1)

PVC smooth playing card

PVC smooth card, smooth card only means that the surface finishing of the PVC card is relatively bright, the reflection is relatively strong, it can achieve the mirror effect, and the surface is very smooth, and the printing color is good.


PVC matte playing card

PVC matte, the surface finishing of matte cards is just the opposite of the surface finishing of matte cards, the surface of matte cards is very weak, even in places where the light is strong, it looks very weak. There are a lot of orders for China, and the main domestic products are smooth cards.


PVC frosted playing card

PVC frosted, frosted cards are easier to understand, The surface of the PVC card is treated to a matte surface, which can also be called a frosted card, and the surface of the frosted card is also non-reflective. Frosted cards have one more advantage than smooth cards and matte cards, that is, the surface of the matte cards is not easy to be worn or scratched, and the texture is good, but if it is matched with the hot stamping process, the hot stamping effect will not be so good.

In fact, each of the above three effects has its own characteristics. Which type to choose depends entirely on the customer’s needs. I am here for your reference. In addition, we also produce special craft cards, silver foil, gold foil, laser, UV coating, etc.

Our customers usually use PVC materials to make playing cards. The recommended regular size is 57*87mm, 63*88mm, 54 sheets per pair. Of course, if you want to make other sizes, we support full customization.