Which Tarot or Oracle Card is Best for You ?

What is the difference between Tarot cards and Oracle cards? This is a question that many beginners will ask, and the following will answer it for you! Many friends who like Tarot cards are also interested in Oracle cards. First of all, this kind of tarot card has a high divination status in the West, which is basically equivalent to the Chinese Book of Changes. As long as the card divination is mentioned, the tarot cards will be associated with it, so the tarot cards have a great influence of this field of divination. Compared with tarot cards, the history and popularity of Oracle cards is not extensive, and the influence of it is slightly lower.


Tarot Card

Tarot Card

Tarot cards spread in Europe in the 15th century, and then developed in the 18th century. Some tarot cards began to develop into mysterious theories of divination. Tarot cards are similar to game cards. From 1 to 10, there are four cards, and there are four cards (including Princesses, Knights, Queens, and Kings.)

In addition, Tarot cards also have a separate trump card suit and cards called fools. In short, after so many years of development, Tarot cards have formed a strict system. For example, how many cards are there in total. how many Major Arcana (The Fool through the World). how many Minor Arcana cards. There are clear regulations and you cannot modify it.


Oracle Card

Oracle Card

Oracle cards are cards that deliver messages to users. So how to achieve these transmissions? That is, the pattern and title on the card. Compared with Tarot cards, Oracle cards do not have these strict rules and can increase or decrease the number of cards relatively freely. For example, the author can create more or less content, and the corresponding tarot card cannot make these changes.


Which deck is best for you

Tarot cards have been developed in the field of divination for many years. The estimated card array and cipher texted are very suitable for divination. This is the advantage of Tarot cards. Oracle’s divination is relatively weak. There are some positive words written on the card. Just like your psychiatrist, you can get all kinds of encouragement by swiping your card every day. If you focus on divination, then I suggest you choose Tarot cards. If you want to be encouraged every day, the Oracle card is more suitable for you.

Finally, from a strict definition, all cards with Oracle cards in the card name are Oracle cards, and Tarot cards are Tarot cards. There are two categories on our website to introduce related products. If you have any questions, please leave a message. Our email is admin@wjplayingcards.com. You can open them to browse: Custom Tarot Cards,  Custom Oracle Cards.