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Customizing Game Flashcard Manufacturers

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This is a custom flashcard suitable for children to learn. The card can be made of 300 \ 350 \ 400gsm art paper, and the surface finishing uses matte lamination to make the card durable and child-friendly. We recommend using a tuck box in terms of packaging selection because it is convenient to use. It is a trendy box on the market.

There are many boxes for game cards, lid & bottom box, drawer box, flip box, hanger box, tin box, and plastic box.

We can also customize various sizes in terms of size, but you can also choose some standard sizes, such as 63×88, 57x87mm, etc.

Game-Flashcard-(6) Game-Flashcard-(5) Game-Flashcard-(2) Game-Flashcard-(1)


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 300gsm art paper  paper thick 0.31mm
 350gsm art paper   paper thick 0.36mm
 400gsm art paper  paper thick 0.41mm



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