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High-quality Number Flash Cards Print

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This is a number flash cards printed by our company. The card contains specially designed numbers and creative illustrations, which can help children better understand numbers. What size are flashcards? Standard flashcards are usually 3 x 5 or 5 x 7 inches. If this size is not suitable for you, we can customize it. However, we generally recommend that customers use standard size printing so that the printing factory can effectively complete the printing. There is no need to remake the template, thus saving $350.

Many customers will ask me how to make my own flashcards? If you are a designer, you can use tools such as PS and AI to design your own flashcards. If you are not a designer, there is no need to worry. You can use online design tools to complete your design. For example, Canva is a good flashcard design tool. After you finish the designs, you can submit the design documents to the flashcard supplier for printing.

Tuck box and Hanger box

Tuck box and Hanger box Learn more >

In addition to the above card design, you also need to choose a beautiful package, or you can choose shrink film directly to save cost. However, we suggest you better choose socket box or aircraft box, which are the box types our customers choose more when making cards.