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Customized Date Night Card Games Set

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The game set is called date night, including five custom card games. These include couples drinking games, problem games, would you rather, me or your game.

You can be played in any order depending on your preference. Each game has a rules card on top, read this, and you’ll be able to go ahead and dive straight in. If time is limited, play half a game or play a couple of your favorite games.

In addition, they are designed in different colors to distinguish each game, and the game logo of date night is printed on each card. We recommend 300 \ 350 \ 400gsm Art paper to make this card game card, which has an excellent hand feeling!

date-night-the-game-(2) date-night-the-game-(1) date-night-the-game-(5)



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 300gsm art paper  paper thick 0.31mm
 350gsm art paper  paper thick 0.36mm
 400gsm art paper  paper thick 0.41mm




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