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3D Card Game Printing Multi Angle Game Cards

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Multi-angle 3D Game Card

The 3D card is a new type of three-dimensional picture mode. The card surface can see different images from different angles. It is highly readable and has a magical publicity function. The visual effect of the card can be a three-dimensional effect of depth, and it can also have the visual impact of scaling, displacement, and rounding, which is entirely different from the generally printed card.

Multi Angle Game Cards (2)

CMYK Color Printing

The four-color printing process includes using four-color screening angles and four-color inks to reproduce the colors on the original. Each printing plate must be accurately registered with other printing plates on the printing press to obtain high-quality results.

Multi Angle Game Cards (3)

Soybean Environmental Protection ink

The performance is safe and reliable, the printing effect is good, meets the printing ink standards, and the environmental protection is excellent. Compared with traditional ink, soybean ink has bright color, high concentration, good gloss, good water adaptability and stability, friction resistance, drying resistance, and other properties.

Customizable Adhesive Backing

The material on the back of the card can be customized, which is easy to paste and firm. It is not easy to fall off after long-term use. It is easy to use and can be pasted in different environments. It is not afraid of dust. It can also be pasted firmly after being exposed to water.

Multi Corner Customization

Different corners can be customized according to requirements. The cutting surface is smooth, does not hurt hands, is safe to use, can not afford edges for a long time, does not fade, and has high resilience after bending. It can be played repeatedly.