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Round Corner Explore Game Card Printing

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Product Detail

This is a game card product make and print by our company. The game card printing is 62x100mm in size and is made of 300gsm art paper. In addition, the game card has a Saddle stitch booklet with a nice Lid & bottom box.

Cards detail
Material: 300gsm art paper
Size: 62*100mm (round corner)
Printing: CMYK printing for both side
Finish: glossy varnishing for both side

Saddle stitch 12 pages booklet
Material: 200gsm art paper for booklet cover and 100gsm matte art paper for inside pages
Size: 62*100mm
Printing: CMYK printing for booklet cover and black printing for inside pages
Finish: glossy lamination for booklet cover

Lid bottom box
Material: 1200gsm gray cardboard paper with 157gsm art paper
Size: suitable for all cards and booklet
Printing: CMYK printing for both side
Finish: glossy lamination for outside

Explore Game Card (4)
Explore Game Card (1)

Explore Game Card (3)



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 300gsm art paper  paper thick 0.31mm
 350gsm art paper  paper thick 0.36mm
 400gsm art paper  paper thick 0.41mm


Surface finishing

1. Normal surface finishing on cards: (single choice) glossy varnishing, UV varnishing, glossy lamination and matte lamination.

2. Special process on cards: hot gold/silver foil, spot UV, gold/silver edge or other color edge.


Surface Finish    Learn more > 

booklet :

Our common booklet are bi-fold, z-fold, accordion-fold, saddle sewn binding, perfect bound and cross fold. If you have special needs, please contact us for customized.


Booklet    Learn more >


Packing Box

Different box options for your reference. Choose one you like.


Packaging    Learn more >