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Copyright Notice:

Acelion is a premium brand under Dongguan Wangjing Playing Card Co., Ltd.. The products from this brand are originally designed by our company’s designers and are exclusively produced and printed by our own equipments. We have never authorized any unofficial websites, platforms or individuals to publish Acelion’s products. Any release of Acelion’s products without consent is an infringement, and we will pursue legal responsibility.
In addition, In order to protect the copyright information about customers’ original works, we will only publish relevant product whiteboards, borders, surface treatments and other parts of the process drawings on the website. Samples can be obtained for free, but shipping costs need to be paid.


Glad to let you know : Acelion is the branch department belongs to WJPCC, WJPCC is now officially in charge of this account Since September 2020. Please click contact us or feel free to contact if any questions.