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Various Customized Playing Card Game Boxes

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game boxes

When we customize cards, we often need a card game boxes to match them. The types of boxes we can provide are Truck box ,Hanger box, Lid bottom box, flip box, book type box, drawer box, tin box, plastic box, The material and size of each box are optional.

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tuck box

When customizing cards, the vast majority of customers in cartons choose truck box with cards, because truck box are easy to print, environmentally friendly, protective, paper light and easy to transport, more casino cards, cut cards, And cards played at ordinary parties use cartons to hold cards. Learn more about tuck boxes, please visit: Custom Playing cards Tuck Boxes


Oracle Lid bottom box


Midriff Vertical Box


Single set Lid bottom box


Double set Lid bottom box

Lid bottom box cover packing box is divided into box cover and bottom box, the two are separated, there are upper cover, bottom box, inner support and other components of the use is relatively wide, box cover can also add nail buckles and so on, if you customize the tarot card, you might as well try to customize the box on the design you want!


book type box

The packing style of the book type box is like a book, and the box opens from the side. The shape box is composed of panel and bottom box. According to the size and function of the box, some book boxes need magnets, iron sheets and other materials. The book box is relatively simple and widely used.


drawer box

The drawer type packing box is inspired by the common drawers in our daily life. The box cover and the box body are two independent structures, the box cover is tube shaped, and the box body is disc shaped. The drawer box made of paper material is not only practical, but also can beautify the packaging box and highlight the product brand through the process of gold hot stamp, UV, embossing and printing.


flip box

The flip packing box is divided into single flip cover box and double flip cover. The double flip cover consists of a bottom box and two cover surfaces. One cover is a single flip cover. Most customers have more single flip boxes when customizing the card box.


hanger box

Aircraft hole box is also called double box, there is a hole in the box, can be easily hung in the place can be hung, the surface of the box can be customized according to your needs belong to your own design oh!


Plain black velvet bag


Customized Plastic Boxes

PVC packaging box is a kind of universal thermoplastic plastic made of PVC resin. It has good comprehensive performance, high hardness, good stiffness, strong bearing, light weight, easy processing and so on. It has high corrosion resistance and compression resistance. It can protect internal products very well and is widely used.


tin box

The tin box is actually made of non-rusted metal or alloy material, which can be recycled, while the barrier, moisture-proof, shading and shape of the tin box are all good. Can be used for different sizes of cards, surface printing, but the ink requirements are relatively high.