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Gold/silver Foil Pvc Waterproof Playing Card Custom

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Our company produces another customized gold/silver foil playing card. This playing card has a waterproof, anti facing and anti-fouling design. The standard 63×88 sizes can be 52 – 56 cards, depending on the customer’s needs. Due to the PVC design, the surface is smooth and bright, and the hand is very textured. The surface of playing cards is wear-resistant and folding resistant, with strong resilience and not easy to deform.

Gold/silver foil PVC waterproof playing card

Gold/silver foil PVC waterproof playing card

Gold/silver foil PVC waterproof playing card

Gold silver foil PVC waterproof playing card

There is another diamond themed playing card available: Customized Gold Diamond Deck of Cards


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In addition to the above models, we also have the following styles:

Silver Rose playing card
Plaid playing card

Silver Rose playing card

Gold Rose playing card

Silver dollar playing card

Las Vegas playing card
Las Vegas playing card

Each of the above styles has different design themes, and the process selection is also different. If you have similar requirements or higher requirements, we can accept custom playing cards. We still have a lot of beautiful finish to choose from, as well as card stock, packaging and so on.