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Custom Dictator Card Game Maker

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High quality custom design Dictator card game maker, wholesale Dictator card deck printing. The size and surface finish can be customized according to your needs.


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Card game is any game using playing cards as the primary device with which the game is played, be they traditional or game-specific. Other items also can be added in the game set like dice or instruction booklet etc.

There is no fixed size for a card game set and most of the sizes are customized ones.

Each specific card game has its own rules.Trading card games have some common features:
1. No matter what the game, there will be a presentation of the rules of text describing the conditions of use and functions of these cards.
2. Basically, each game requires players to have a deck of their own design. Players need to pick a certain number of cards from thousands of cards and cooperate to win the game. This provides a very open and diverse game for the game.
3. Generally speaking, it takes certain conditions to use any card.
4. The basic rule of the game is to use the conditions that they have, use the cards in their deck, to produce some kind of effect, in order to achieve the winning conditions required by the game.
5. No matter what kind of game, the rules, the game is carried out in a round, and the round follows a certain structure
ACELION has worked with several game companies to launch a variety of popular game cards.

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1. Material 

Choose one you need

300gsm art paper paper thick 0.31mm
350gsm art paper paper thick 0.36mm
400gsm art paper paper thick 0.41mm


2. Size


3. Requirements of files

Upload the art files one by one in PDF, AI, JPEG or PSD to Dropbox. com or and share them with us.

PS: More than 300 dpi and make sure it is clear enough, 600 dpi will be needed if you need very clear printing.


4. Surface finishing

1. Normal surface finishing on cards: (single choice) glossy varnishing, UV varnishing, glossy lamination and matte lamination.

2. Special process on cards: hot gold/silver foil, spot UV, gold/silver edge or other color edge.


surface finishing    Learn more


5. Packing Box

Different box options for your reference. Choose one you like.


packing    Learning more



Booklet    Learn more >


6. Production time

Quantity 1-10000 Sets 10001-99999 Sets
Est. Time 15 days 20-40 days


7. Shipping option

Please choose the mode of transport according to your actual situation.

Option 1:  Ocean Shipping + Deliver to your door

Ocean Shipping from China to your local port, then deliver to your place by Fedex or UPS. (We are responsible for customs clearance and tax at the export port and the destination port)

Low freight but long transportation time. About 20-30 days.

Suitable for heavy, large quantity or large volume goods.

Option 2:  Air transport + Deliver to your door

Air transport from China to your local port, then deliver to your place by Fedex or UPS. (We are responsible for customs clearance and tax at the export port and the destination port)

Good price and faster transportation time than by sea. About 10-15 days.

Suitable for goods heavy under 300 kgs.

Option 3:  DHL/FEDEX/UPS (door to door)

Expensive but the fast shipping option. Delivery time is about 2-5 days.

Suitable for urgent goods.


8. How to place an order?

Step 1 Inquiry and Communicate
Step 2 Send and Confirm AI,PDF or JPG files
Step 3 Sign the Contract
Step 4 Pay 30% Deposit
Step 5 Factory Production
Step 6 Quality Inspection
Step 7 Pay the Balance
Step 8 Freight Transport
Step 9 Order Finished


9. How your cards are made?

10. We are Disney, ICTI and BSCI certified factory.
11. Our Company

We use special advanced production techniques, make the product very amazing and long service life.
We also own the German most advanced printing machine, can fulfill your advanced printing requirements.

You will get high-end Tarot Cards if you choose our company.
No matter wholesale Game Cards, or custom Game Cards, If you need Printing Game Cards, please contact us.
Free samples are provided.