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Create Printing My Own Divination Oracle Cards

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A set of divination oracle cards made and printed by our company. The cards are made of 350gsm art paper, and the size is 88x126mm. The design theme of the card revolves around various crystal products and comes with a booklet describing the card in detail. The design style is white, and the Oracle card is also equipped with a tuck box with a simple design.

The Oracle card has 44 cards. Various photographs are printed on the surface of the card. The relevant instructions for the photographs are marked below, making it very easy for beginners of divination to understand the meaning of the card and reducing the difficulty of learning. On the surface and edge of the card, we can provide various finish options, such as silver foil, gold foil and Glossy lamination, etc.  The product uses glossy UV varnish and gold edge. Learn more surface finish: Playing Card Surface Finishing Printing Process

Our cards are customized. If customers have special needs, please get in touch with us, and we will give you an appropriate recommendation according to your current needs so that you can print the ideal card effect at a reasonable cost.

andara-oracle-cards-(1) andara-oracle-cards-(6) andara-oracle-cards-(10)


Recommended Material Options:

300gsm art paper paper thick 0.31mm
350gsm art paper paper thick 0.36mm
400gsm art paper paper thick 0.41mm


300gsm German black core paper paper thick 0.3mm
310gsm German black core paper paper thick 0.31mm
330gsm German black core paper paper thick 0.33mm



Standard tarot size: 70 x 120 mm (2.75″×4.75″)
Standard oracle size: 88 x 126 mm (3.5″×5″)
Can be custom


card template


Selection of process

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Packaging information

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