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Matte Sprayed Gold Edges Tarot Cards Printing

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This is a deck of custom tarot cards with an angel theme. The cards are made of 400g art paper and size is 89x127mm, 44 tarot  cards per deck. The surface finishing is both side matte lamination and matte sprayed gold edges.
The exterior of the card is designed in yellow with the corresponding name and simple text printed on it. 44 tarot cards are printed with beautiful images and each card has a title. The tarot deck also has a booklet which has inspirational and motivational words as well as daily affirmations.

Matte-Sprayed-Gold-Edges-Tarot-Cards (1) Matte-Sprayed-Gold-Edges-Tarot-Cards (2) Matte-Sprayed-Gold-Edges-Tarot-Cards (3) Matte-Sprayed-Gold-Edges-Tarot-Cards (4)


Recommended Material Options:

1. 300/350/400 gsm quality card stock with white core, also called art paper.
2. 300/310/330gsm German master quality card stock with black core center layer.(linen air cushion finish)

300gsm art paper paper thick 0.31mm
350gsm art paper paper thick 0.36mm
400gsm art paper paper thick 0.41mm


300gsm German black core paper paper thick 0.3mm
310gsm German black core paper paper thick 0.31mm
330gsm German black core paper paper thick 0.33mm



Standard tarot size: 70 x 120 mm (2.75″×4.75″)
Standard oracle size: 88 x 126 mm (3.5″×5″)
Can be custom


card template


Selection of process

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